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Credit plays a crucial role in your financial life. Small issues can prevent you from financing your home or car, qualifying for loans or new credit, or even getting a new job.

If you’ve been turned down for financing or only offered ridiculous interest rates, Credit Repair may be a great fit for you! We leverage consumer protection laws and strong dispute tactics to help you get the credit you deserve. Keep reading below to find out more, or…

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Credit Analysis

We use our years of experience to analyze every detail of your credit report to identify errors. As an added bonus we also order your Chexsystems and LexisNexis reports.  

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Credit Repair

Our credit repair process is hands-on. You’re unique, and your finances deserve personal attention. We improve your credit by disputing derogatory items that inaccurate and unverifiable.

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Credit Building

Building a strong credit profile can have a massive impact on your credit and finances for the rest of your life. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to establish or rebuild your credit profile.

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Our Proven Credit Repair Process

We’ve got this down to a science! Take a look at the proven process we’ve refined over years:



    Free Credit Consultation

    Contact us for your free, no pressure Credit Consultation to find out if you are a good fit for our services.

  • DAY 1


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    After your consultation we provide you with a Full comprehensive review of all your credit reports.

  • DAYS 2-5


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    We create custom disputes to challenge errors on your credit report to remove derogatory items holding back your scores.

  • DAYS 10-35


    Now comes the waiting game of letting the bureaus and your creditors investigate the disputes and remove or respond.

  • DAYS 35-45


    After the investigation period, we will record the results of your credit repair and communicate your new credit status.



    If at first you don’t succeed – escalate the case! And that is just what we do to ensure your credit is the best it can be.

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